Fast Cash Loans on Jewellery

Short of cash? You don't have to sell. Cash loans are available against jewellery. Without having to sell them to raise money, it's a terrific method to fill short-term financial shortfalls. At our discretion, we will take into account all jewellery items made of solid gold, valuable gems. Your loan amount will be determined by the value of these products. You must make a decision regarding the quantity you wish to borrow as well as the amount you wish to repay. We recognise the worth of gold jewellery and don't only weigh it; we also take the jewels into consideration. Our simple approach makes our loans easier. Loans are generally undertaken in person by bringing them into our store at Shop 14A The Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall.
Frequently Asked Questions

By Australian Law, you must be over the age of 18.

We require 100 points of ID in order to verify your identity.
Please provide documents that provide evidence of:
• Your full name
• Your current address
• Your date of birth
• Your signature
This can include a current ID/Drivers Licence, with your current home address. OR

• Birth Certificate
• Medicare Card
• Healthcare card
• Pension Concession card
• Seniors card
• Current Passport
• Bank Statement
• Gas or Phone Bill

If you’re not sure, give us a call on 08 8231 7715 

• Gold Jewellery 

• Luxury Watches 

• Gold Coins 

• Scrap Gold 

• Quality Silver Jewellery *No gold plated items* 

Not sure if it is real gold? Bring your pieces in store in any condition for a free quote.

Providing supporting documents (such as valuations, diamond grading certificates, original receipts, and packaging) is encouraged but not strictly required in order to increase your loan abilities on your goods. 

There are no upfront establishment fees and you just pay interest on the unpaid balance per month with no time limits. If you wish to pick your item within 7 or 14 days, a discount on your interest applies. 

This depends on the amount you want to loan and the value of the jewellery items. 

• Gold/Gemstone value

  • We will weigh items individually 

• We test all items individually 

• The age of the item 

• The condition and appeal 

Any paper works or certificates

The period is for one month, but you can extend it as many times as you need. Just pay the interest owing per month. You may also redeem your goods at any time during the loan period.